Profile - John Robert Powers


Since its establishment in 1985, and with the meticulous organizational and supervisory skills of Indayati Oetomo, John Robert Powers Indonesia has helped Indonesians to develop their personalities and compete successfully with others in a professional context and to ultimately achieve their dreams.

John Robert Powers Indonesia applies an integrated curriculum and teaching method that comprises 60% practice and 40% theory. The programs that we offer include: Personal Growth, Communication, Profiling, Consultancy, Coaching, Management Training, Recruitment, English Proficiency Programs, Kids Programs and the Entertainment Industry.

John Robert Powers branches are located in most large cities across Indonesia and all are equipped with a full complement of modern study facilities that includes a studio room, make-up room, multi-function hall and chatting area. Professional and experienced facilitators are supporting by a range of teaching aids that reflect the quality that one would expect from the leading personality development school in Indonesia.

" Indayati Oetomo founded the Surabaya branch. Her succes as a Managing Director enabled her to become International Director of John Robert Powers in Indonesia. "