Service - John Robert Powers

Personality Development


This program is designed to build a cordial and confident personality by generating positive self-image. Participation on the personality development program facilitates trainees to optimize their potential.

Public Speaking

Speak the language of succes! Equip yourself with the tools for effective communication and interaction with sound knowledge and understanding of the dynamics and relevant application of language skills.


Every human being has more than one talent and is therefore multi-talented. However, during a recruitment drive, a company often carries out personality testing that frequently results in the labelling of potential staff whereby they are judged according to a principle which dictates that “a person should be directed towards work that is based on his or her talent, regardless of other possibilities”.


John Robert Powers has over 25 years of experience in the field of Human Resources Development, with teams of experts, facilitators, mentors and management practitioners equipped with extensive experience in the world of business. As business practitioners, they have in-depth knowledge on executing management processes and how to trouble-shoot the obstacles which face all companies from time to time in a volatile and global business environment.

Executive Program

This program is designed to equip every person who wants to excel in their respective industries. With comprehensive, yet practical subjects, every student is expected to build their skills to strongly face the workplace situations.

Entertainment Industry

A program designed to train and guide you to achieve confidence in attaining your goals in the entertainment industry (Professional Modeling, MC, Presenter and Event Organizer).

Kids & Teens

A special program designed for kids and teens to help them develop strong personalities, discipline as well as to enhance their social interactivity with other people.