History - John Robert Powers

"John Robert Powers
Indonesia began in 1985,
when Rayan and Diana
Wijaya established the first
Institution in Jakarta under
License of John Robert
Powers International."


John Robert Powers began his visionary career by
opening personality development school in New York
in 1923. Utilizing many of his writings and books,
Power developed a curriculum that captured the
essence of personality development, communication,
acting, and executive skills. This curriculum is
presented across the world through the John Robert
Powers International Network.

Powers held a principle that there is no such thing as an unattractive person, just some people who don’t know how to make the most of themselves. He dedicated his life to assist people in developing and making the best use of their personality. Naturalness was his gospel. He encouraged his students to "be natural and optimize your potential". This philosophy lives on and is taught at John Robert Powers branches throughout the world.

Since the concept was introduced, many international alumni have proven its effectiveness, such as US First Lady Betty Ford, Grace Kelly, Bob Hope and Henry Fonda. In Asia, and particularly in Indonesia, executives, celebrities, government officers, ministers and other busy professionals have been assisted in the realization of their career aspirations by maximizing the potential of their personality through the support of programs offered by John Robert Powers.

The concept is as famous now as it ever has been and programs continue to exhibit the factors that have led to its success - namely BEHAVIOUR and the WAY OF THINKING of every individual.

John Robert Powers Indonesia first opened its doors to its aspiring students in 1985, when Rayan and Diana Wijaya established the first institution in Jakarta under the license of John Robert Powers International.

Seven years later, Indayati Oetomo founded the Surabaya branch. Her resounding success as a Managing Director enabled her to become International Director of John Robert Powers in Indonesia, and she is now responsible for the supervision of all John Robert Powers branches throughout the country. Indayati Oetomo continues to receive full support from the John Robert Powers Indonesia Board of Management.

In 2010, John Robert Powers Indonesia implemented the new leadership system in the management team, which did not rely on single-person leadership, but more to a team of leadership. Led by Andrew Ardianto, Caroline Sekarwati, Rosa Alvernia and Grace Setiawati, who are mentored by Indra Josepha and Indayati Oetomo, John Robert Powers Indonesia hopes to achieve more excellence in bringing the Indonesia market to have strong personality development and communication skills.